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Monster cube in colour

2013-01-14 04:48:05 by tohoscope

Animation I did over a few nights last week. It's a one eyed monster cube.

Another walk cycle

2012-09-10 19:43:56 by tohoscope

cleaned up and coloured.

Another walk cycle

Saturday Night Dancing

2012-07-14 22:43:11 by tohoscope

Dancing 05

Saturday Night Dancing

Taking a walk

2012-07-14 22:09:30 by tohoscope

Walk 15

Taking a walk

Some practice in Pencil

2012-06-12 09:58:03 by tohoscope

Moving Doodle Sketch

Animated in Pencil.

Pencil Loops

2011-03-03 11:21:04 by tohoscope

Layer Test

Love Attack Number One

Squash 1

Squash 2

Jump Box

Boarding for May

2010-04-14 13:19:14 by tohoscope

Working on two scenes for the upcoming Anime Central show. Started boarding yesterday and hope to have it ready to send tonight. No rest for the wicked.

AnimeFEST 2009

2009-09-02 13:25:47 by tohoscope

Doing a 3 hour plus show, Sunday night, September 6th, 10pm in Panel Room 2. 9/otakuhell-at-animefest-2009.html

Bonus: Hell Nurse Katie's having a 5th Anniversary party on Friday night.

AnimeFEST 2009

Post OhayoCon decompress

2009-02-04 14:57:14 by tohoscope

Got back from Ohio two days ago and I'm still unwinding. But the buzz about the show seems pretty positive so far. So, that's good.


2009-01-12 11:26:55 by tohoscope

On the to-do list: Make a new 2009 image/animation. Now which drive did I put those files on?